Living in a State of Bliss

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Today I wish to express gratitude and acknowledge what gratitude is and how it makes our lives joy filled. The saying "giving is receiving" says it all perfectly. When we live in a perpetual state of gratitude we live in a state of bliss. Easy peasy for some, and others, a task that comes no short of a miracle in their everyday lives.

In the book Radical Gratitude by Mary Jo Leddy, her observation of gratitude tells us how it enlightens our life and radiates outward to the people around us. It lets us be more aware of how living in that state of gratitude is the best way, the only way.

"When we realize how much we have been given - life, a beginning -we are moved, almost naturally it seems to want to give away some of our things. Grateful people tend to give away their things, even their time and talents, and to become happier in the process. In giving away, the craving that holds us captive begins to loosen its grip. There is such a difference when living simply or serving others is done out of a spirit of gratitude rather than guilt. A given life is different from a driven life. Gratitude seems to replenish itself: as more is given, more is received. Guilt, in contrast, rather quickly exhausts itself in judgments." (from "Radical Gratitude" by Mary Jo Leddy)

Gratitude fills your cup to overflowing. It is an incredible way to live. Living with anything less than being in a state of gratitude leaves one always feeling less than satisfied in their lives and living in a constant state of lack.

Consider a daily gratitude journal. Whether it be in a journal with pen and paper, or an online journal or just on the notepad of your phone. Try it you might like it. It's a simple step towards living in a state of bliss. It's your choice. Choose wisely. Simply...Marie