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Today is Thanksgiving in Canada. If you have gratitude in your heart every day is a day to be thankful. Below is something close to what I heard in a movie. It moved me and made me feel grateful for every moment and living in the present. Yesterday is over, tomorrow hasn't happened yet. Today is the only day that matters and this moment is the only moment that matters. You're not missing anything and you don't need to be anywhere. You're exactly where you need to be and you're exactly who you need to be at this exact moment. You're perfect just the way you are. Make every day a day of gratitude. Be thankful for all the little moments that form your days and create your life. Can you take moment to be "noun" grateful? Choose a person, place and thing and just say a quick thanks. I am grateful for friends, a warm blanket, and the trees in the fall. Simply...Marie I see the paragraph feature is still on holidays. I will keep trying.