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The pic to the left is my old scrap office.Here are some pics of what my room used to be like. I loved it because it was my little space devoted to my hobby. But boy oh boy was it hard to get anything done in there because it took me forever to find anything and there was no space to keep anything out. Not fun, so needless to say, I didn't get much done.

My new room is larger and everything is just the way I want it so I'm just starting to enjoy it. The pic on the bottom the new space it's where my daughter and I create. I am so happy with the desks, they are the perfect height for me because I always stand when I scrap. I am only 5'2" so I can barely see the page when I sit. I used to use a pillow when I drove my old Crown Vic so I could see over the dashboard. Fun being short, wow! It's the best when there is a second hand yard sale at a scrapbook store. I can just sneak between the other ladies and snafoo the best deals and they didn't even see me coming!

All kidding aside, the place where you create your scrapbook pages or card creations needs to work for you. You need a space where everything is easily accessible for you and stored in a way you like. If it's not you will find it annoying every time you want to be creative and have to search to find anything and struggle through boxes.

I have a busy day today so I will post pics of the organization of the scrap office tomorrow for Simply Simplify Saturday. You'll see how I did just that, simplified my space for scrapping. Until then. Simply.Marie