Simply Thankful

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Are you thankful? Have you ever given it much thought? Do you live a life of gratitude or a life of regret? Here is one of my very favourite reminders of precisely why we need to remind ourselves to be grateful on a daily basis. Doing so will keep you in a state of peace and acceptance of whatever might roll into your life. Think about it.

Whenever you're discontented with the life you lead,
Just take the time to look around and to my phrases heed.

You'll find that you are better off than many others who
must struggle up the road of life, the self-same way as you.

Which reminds me of a story, part of which I'll now repeat.
About the man who had no shoes and the man that had no feet.

And so I bid you look around, and here's the reason why,
you'll say "But for the grace of God, that person could be I".

On a more personal note. You may have heard the news about the two women being murdered by the Commander of the Canadian Forces Base Trenton, Ontario Canada. That is the town next to where I live. The two young women Marie Comeau and Jessica Lloyd were single and had no children as far as the news tells us. Marie Comeau was murdered on the street my daughter's two friends live on. I have been concerned for my daughter and her friends' safety since November. Now my thoughts have turned to gratitude that has left tears in my eyes since I heard the news yesterday. I am grateful that they caught the man who took these two beautiful young women away from their families and the rest of their lives. For me, I will recall this tragic incident for the rest of my life. Every time it pays me a visit I will feel overwhelmed with gratitude. I will be reminded of how both these young women were single, the news tells us one had a boyfriend and the other was on a date the last time she was heard from. For the love of my life I am grateful. I have loved a wonderful man since I was 21 years old and had the joy of unconditional love from him for over half my life. For my children I am grateful. I have two very healthy, intelligent, wonderful children. I experienced the joy of a life growing inside of me and the wonder of giving birth not just once, but twice. I am saddened that these two women will never experience the bliss of being a wife and a mother. I have a cup that runneth over with a wonderful life filled with love. For that I am truly grateful. Until next time. Simply.Marie