Simply Time

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Let's face it. Time is a big commodity although there are only 24 hours given to each person, each day. We all choose to use it in different ways. Some are very astute in managing their time. Not me, I go with the flow. I have become less and less structured as a result of suffering from debilitating migraines that have worsened with my age. That is part of the reason I have started this blog. So that I may apply one of the most important aspects of wellness (and lessen the migraines I get) stress management. Therefore, I will do two things for others who might choose to drop by and peruse my ramblings. Whether it be to check out my 'sweet scrapbook space and organizing methods' or 'my journey back to wellness' or 'my hometeaching journey of 17 years' or 'simply me' my ramblings on blessings, gratitude and all that is good in this world of ours. I will do my best to keep all of these blog entries separate for you. That way if you are only interested in reading about organization or wellness tips you don't have to clutter up your time wading through all the boring words that I couldn't wait to put down on paper-uh, on my online journal. I will keep them labelled so you can find those entries easily, also I will keep the certain entries on designated days of the week. Sounds simple enough doesn't it? I think. So here we go.