Simply The First.

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Here is my very first post, it feels strange. Knowing that what I am writing can be viewed by people I don't know from all over the world. My thoughts are random, unorganized (yes) and completely real. Some of what I say will ring true to you, as a woman, a mom and a human being. Some of what I say will be completely lacking in usefulness to you. That's ok. We are all on a different walk and some people will gravitate towards my ramblings for reasons unknown. There will be a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I hope you will leave here with a smile. Something I might say one time will change your day, I'm hoping for the better. Whether it's because you realize that other people have it worse than you do and you should count your blessings or perhaps you will see how others view blessings in their lives, however small, meaningless or insignificant they may seem and you will appreciate your blessings even more as a result. My hope is that you will leave this blog having been touched by a word, a thought (poetry) or a sight (I will post many pictures) that will enrich your life and perhaps simplify the way you live in this great big world of ours. My posts will be sporadic at first until I organize this new part of my day and my life. You will always see a thread of organization running throughout them. You will see my personal favourite a lot, my scrapbooking room. I have a passion for scrapbooking. Anyone who scrapbooks knows that the supplies are sometimes difficult to organize. I have a great deal of stuff organized in a very small space. Or, general organization of the household. Here will be the place to drop by to see very useful, simple ways to organize your surroundings, your home and your life. I will keep adding a weekly wellness tip for you to apply to your life if you choose to do so. My goal is to become as healthy and well as I can possibly be in my mind, body, spirit and surroundings. On a personal note to women. You know raising your children is a labour of love that begins that very moment they take their first breath and ends when you take your last breath. It is filled with moments that take your breath away. Hometeaching is a wee bit different than your children entering the daycare and school system before they are out of diapers and before they can walk or even talk. You see every moment of every day with them. Your days are filled with joy that is often never experienced by those who haven't home taught, especially for 17 years of their childrens' lives. So, yep, the joys of being a mom and hometeaching parent will also be thrown in here for good measure. So to sum up this blog you will find, wellness of body, mind, and spirit, organizing of the home and surrounding areas (especially papercrafting stuff), hometeaching help, family and all the joys and laughter that come with living a full but simple life... I hope you will take the time out of your busy day to join me if just for a moment. Simply.Marie