Simply the Fun Place

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This is my fun place! My small 9'x11' room that used to be our children's school room. There is a lot of fun packed into this little room. It all came together quite easily one weekend. After we had staged our home for sale and packed up virtually all of our lives in boxes it left this pretty little room with black leather filing cabinets and one of these desks. Our plans to move back into the city didn't work out as we had hoped and we're grateful they didn't. The home staging was annoying, nerve wracking and simply scary to say the very least. We were left with some happy, necessary changes that refreshed our home. We de-cluttered and redecorated. Wow, our home was even nicer than it was before! Isn't it amazing how some simple changes (that take a lot of time and effort) can give you a whole new perspective of life. So here we are back to the little room that no longer has to pose as an office on the second floor with great view. Very simple room. Very empty room. So, my wheels started spinning. Ooh! the possibilities for my scrap habit weren't really endless. They had to fit in the 9'x11' space available now that our little girl was off to highschool and we didn't need the learning room anymore. Everything I had in my office off my bedroom fit into this little room like a glove. I have come across some awesome carts and storage items since claiming this room as my 'sanctuary'. Here are a few more pics of the main storage units in my room. Some papercrafters like all of their stash out where it can be accessed easily and that would be ideal for me if my room were twice this size. However, you do what you can with what you have. I have been blessed with this wonderful little room and I love it! I love the uniformity of all of the containers and storage units being black leather, black lacquer, pewter and stainless. To me it shows the room as a very neat (albeit full) crafting area. A place for everything and everything in it's place I always say. The lack of clutter makes it easy for me to think creatively. I know where everything is and I keep a photo book of the insides of each drawer and box. That way I can flip through the album and locate items easily. It saves me from opening every drawer and going through every box when I'm looking for something. So although it looks like it would take a long time to locate something it really doesn't with this organizing method. On the Simply Simplify home organizing Saturday I will continue to share more about the organizing of this room with you. I'll tell you how I fit a ton of smiles in drawers and boxes (hope the floors of this little old farmhouse in the country hold out!) in this happy place of mine. until next time. Simply.Marie